Crash (Crash, #1)Crash by Michael Robertson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Another depressing, sloppy and badly written dose of horror/torture porn from Robertson, who seems to relish descriptions of violent death, injury, illness and misery.

His political leanings are also far too apparent IMO – the ambiance is of a Uni student’s agitprop agenda: “smash the rich, the bankers are to blame for everything” – which while it may appeal to the many disenfranchised in our society (and I feel I am one of them), is the sort of revenge fantasy that belongs in its own genre (“Inglorious Basterds” springs to mind, but this book is about a thousand times less entertaining) rather than Sci-Fi.

The ludicrous characters are, funnily enough, the same as in his New Reality series – the repulsive, upper-class boss, the spoilt, expensively dressed middle-class woman (straight out of The Hunger Games), the generic lower-class thugs – and any others peripheral to the plot are barely sketched out at all.

I felt duty bound to grind through this painfully inept sado-masochistic so-called novel but won’t be reading any more of this author’s output, unless it’s free – and possibly not even then.

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